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Client Feedback

"Grace has been brilliant throughout with lots of backwards and forwards. Extremely helpful and professional." T Ravenscroft, Tenant - July, 2017 

"Thanks for your help, our experience with Chattings and in particular Melissa and Grace have been very positive." J Bunyan, Applicant - July, 2017 

"Kelly has been very helpful and got things sorted quickly! Thank you." H Alcock, Tenant - July, 2017 

"Just a note to say thank you to all the team for finding a new tenant in what must be a record time. Well done." D Heald, Landlord - July, 2017 

"Seamless. Very quick. Thanks." K Adamson, Tenant - July, 2017 

"Great and very fast" M Taylor, Tenant - June, 2017 

"Excellent all round" B Scott, Tenant - June, 2017 

"Hi Grace, I want to say thank you very much for taking us around properties Monday, yourself and Melissa we're very accommodating." J Bunyan, Applicant - June, 2017

"I am very happy with everything" S Harvey, Tenant - June, 2017

"Friendly service from application to move in" M Haines, Tenant - June, 2017 

"Excellent service thanks" K Ramsay, Tenant - June, 2017 

"Fast and efficient, everything was made easy for us" O Meakin, Tenant - May, 2017 

"Perfect service, very helpful" A Bennett, Tenant - May, 2017 

"The team at Chattings have been really supportive and very pleasant at all times." J Reeves, Tenant - May, 2017

 "thank you once again. all of you have been so helpful and lovely as we have experienced so much trouble since looking for a place to rent. you have all been life savers! so top marks once again. i will be highly recommending you guys!" L Archer, Tenant - May, 2017 

"It's been a pleasure renting a property from yourselves, help has always been given when ever needed. By far the best estate agents I have rented off, and I shall be sure to pass the word on to any body asking recommendations." T Campbell-Innes, Tenant - May, 2017 

"Service was fantastic at the team at Lichfield. We found a lovely first home to rent." S Ashworth, Tenant - April, 2017 

"Thank you very much for all your help. It's been a pleasure being your tenant and living here these past 7 years." M Torres, Tenant - April, 2017

"On a seperate note, I wanted to thank you, you have been so friendly, helpful and professional throughout this whole process, you made us feel very at ease and we're both very happy." A Hall, Landlord - April, 2017

"Excellent service by Nicola" L Wartnaby, Tenant - March, 2017 

"A very professional and friendly services - would recommend to use again" M Swindale, Tenant - March, 2017

"Thank you Grace and Nicola for all your help and accommodating all our needs! You guys have been brilliant! Thank you!" P Lima, Tenant - March, 2017

"Very efficient" D Evans, Tenant - March, 2017 

"Very good service. Clear explanations." C Brito De Castro, Tenant - March, 2017

"Kelly, Grace, Nicola - absolutely amazing. Understood my needs and urgency. Very professional and efficient. Lovely to deal with." K Gupta, Tenant - March, 2017 

"Hi Mark, I want to thank you and Grace for your excellent work, you were five stars." S Pinto, Applicant - March, 2017 

"Kelly is very helpful. Overall process was very quick." C Marsay, Tenant - March, 2017 

"Very thorough and efficient. V happy :)" L Owen, Tenant - February, 2017

"Great service, very helpful" J Purcell, Tenant - February, 2017 

"Super service by all ladies concerned" A Berry, Tenant - February, 2017 

"You're as efficient as ever thank you!" J Clarke, Landlord - February, 2017 

"Thank you for managing the property over the last couple of years, the service you have provided has been excellent and I have been very satisfied with the way Chattings operate." R Myatt, Landlord - February, 2017 

"Good, quick and friendly service." P Broadhurst, Tenant - January, 2017 

"Great - many thanks! :)" J Croxford, Tenant - January 2017 

"Nicola was very friendly & efficient with her explanations and was willing to help and explain with our queries." K Jones, Tenant - January, 2017 

"I have received a flawless service from all members of the team and am more than happy to recommend to family and friends in the future." S Jewsbury, Tenant - January, 2017 

"As ever, thank you Michelle for your fantastic service" V Bassi, Landlord - January, 2017 

"You have kept us informed and have been very helpful to arrange the fast move" D Padian, Tenant - January, 2017

"You have all been extremely helpful, so thank you to you all." D Royston, Applicant - January, 2017 

"Karen my thanks to you and your team - am very grateful for all that has been done on my behalf" J Price, Tenant - January, 2017 

"You've been so helpful and worked hard for us. Thank you again." C Weston, Tenant - December, 2016 

"Great service in comparison to other experiences. Very satisfied." J Jarrett, Tenant - December, 2016 

"Kelly was very helpful" J Green, Landlord - December, 2016 

"A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at the Chattings office. You have all been great in managing our interests." P Levey, Landlord - December, 2016

"As always, thank you for you excellent service" A Gibbons, Landlord - November, 2016 

"You are more cost effective than the other agents I have been using. Thank you for your hard work on it already." J Smith, Landlord - November, 2016 

"I am really happy that all is being dealt with so professionally. Mary was a great help with the utility details." G Taubert, Applicant - November, 2016 

"Friendly and professional" P Rowe, Tenant - November, 2016 

"Excellent service and frequent contact." H Styles, Tenant - November, 2016 

"This email is to thank you for being great managing agents. Having been in the rental market for 10 years I can confirm that Chattings have been the best agent we have rented from. When there is an issue it has been resolved swiftly. Staff are friendly and helpful. As tenants we felt valued and not a number/value in a database." D Warren, Tenant - November, 2016

"Everyone has been really helpful" E Brabham, Tenant - November, 2016 

"Excellent service right from the start" B Coughlan, Tenant - November, 2016 

"Very professional service. Great contact. All our questions were answered." A Bomba, Tenant and Landlord - October, 2016 

"Again thank you so much for your help, by far the most professional, efficient and friendly Realtor I have ever encountered." B Coughlan, Applicant - October, 2016 

"Excellent service" J Conner, Tenant - October, 2016 

"We would like to take the opportunity to thank the agent and landlord for the impeccable service we have received during our time in the property." J White, Tenant - October, 2016  

"I have found Chattings to be very good in a very smooth process, thanks." T Beckett, Tenant - October, 2016 

"We were really happy with the service from Chattings, call backs and information was quick and helpful. Always were there when needed, very happy." H Meade, Tenant  - October, 2016 

"Excellent." K Moore, Tenant - September, 2016 

"Thankyou so much for all your help and support in our move. We really do appreciate it and we love our new home." L Johnson, Tenant - September, 2016 

"Very good & informative" M Round, Tenant - September, 2016 

"Thank you very much, to you and the landlord for dealing with everything so swiftly. I really appreciate it." E Pearce, Tenant - September, 2016 

"Excellent service from start to finish, thank you." R Peace, Tenant - September, 2016

"Excellent service, very efficient." R Senter, Tenant - August, 2016 

"Great service." J Vital, Tenant - August, 2016 

"Grace and Kelly have both been fantastic." M Webber, Tenant - August, 2016 

"I have never been with such a pro-active efficient lettings agency." D Warren, Tenant - August, 2016 

"We would also like to thank those at Chattings for all their help in managing the tenancy and being so easily contactable and efficient." C Scott, Tenant - August, 2016 

"Really friendly and helpful. Very professional." D Kiernan, Tenant - August, 2016 

"You have been incredibly efficient personally managing my property  and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who needs property managing in Sutton Coldfield." J Clarke, Landlord - August, 2016

"Fantastic!" C Bingham, Tenant - August, 2016 

"Thank you to Natasha and yourself for being so helpful and efficient - Chattings are very lucky to have such lovely young ladies working for them!!" P Smith, Applicant - August, 2016 

"Thanks Grace. Just to let you know I thought you were very professional on Saturday handling the viewing I'm sure you will be an excellent addition to your team." A Pugh, Landlord - August, 2016 

"Thank you for being very helpful and I will recommend you to everyone." J Bytheway, Tenant - August, 2016

"Really helpful friendly service - thank you" L Stringer, Tenant - August, 2016

"Fantastic - everything smooth and easy. Great service" L Wilkes, Tenant - July, 2016  

"Helpful and professional" S Whittaker, Tenant - July, 2016

"You are amazing Natasha! Thank you so much for your proactive approach and professionalism." W Clarke, Landlord - July, 2016

"I just wanted to thank you for your kind help, and patience. You have been very helpful and kind throughout our viewing!" Ms C Balatsouka, Applicant - July, 2016

"Finally I would like to thank you and the rest of the staff at Chattings in Lichfield as I have always found you to be helpful, reliable and efficient in my dealings with yourselves over the past 18 months" H Ghazireh, Tenant - July, 2016 

"Very helpful team was a pleasure to use this company" J Ball, Tenant - July, 2016 

"My husband and I are very pleased with the service provided. Thanks!" K Campos-Leon, Tenant - July, 2016 

"I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank you and all of the team at Chattings for your help over the years. Your service has been exemplary and this is rare in the industry." P Luckett, Landlord - June, 2016 

"Very good service" H Wildgoose, Tenant - June, 2016 

"Lovely, friendly & happy to help" R Billington, Tenant - June, 2016 

"I'm so grateful for all your kindness and support. Thank you very much indeed for everything." F Askari, Applicant - June, 2016 

"Excellent - professional & friendly" S Hale, Tenant - May, 2016 

"Thank you for your time and advice. You have made it easier for me." J Whittles, Landlord - May, 2016 

"Great, friendly people!!! Excellent service!!!" S Gulbe, Tenant - May, 2016 

"Very good service :)" R Jones Heath, Tenant - May, 2016 

"Easy to understand - helpful and friendly" K Boardman, Tenant - May, 2016 

"Brill - very efficient" S Hollingsworth, Tenant - May, 2016 

"On a personal note I would also like to thank you for all your help and support in managing my property over the past six years." M Patel, Landlord - May, 2016 

"Thank you for all your help you guys were great to deal with :)" A Walker, Applicant - May, 2016

"The staff at Chattings have been absolutely lovely from the start @ 1st viewing" J Reeves, Tenant - May, 2016 

"Thank you for all your services and courteousness during my lease term." Z Rawle, Tenant, May - 2016 

"Can I just thank you for all of your assistance, you have been more than helpful." H Langley, Applicant - April, 2016 

"I would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you have managed my tenancy over the last 6 years." Miss C Nicol, Tenant - April, 2016 

"Excellent service" A Slaney, Tenant - April, 2016 

"Very friendly and prompt service. Gave us all the information we needed. Great!" C Hurcombe, Tenant - April, 2016 

"I would like to give Nicola 10 out of 10. She was the most helpful person. Thanks Nicola." E Kiral, Tenant - April, 2016 

"As we haven't spoken suggests that the rental is going smoothly so thank you for that! Thank you, as ever, for your help and professionalism." J Clarke, Landlord - April, 2016 

"Excellent first class service 10/10" A and M Atkinson, Tenant - April, 2016 

"Always very responsive." J Molock, Tenant - March 2016 

"I would like to thank you and all your staff for your professional, helpful and friendly approach during my stay here." K Harper, Tenant - March, 2016 

"Great to talk to, quick service. Very happy." K Homer, Tenant -  March, 2016 

"Thank you for your friendly help" R Lowell, Tenant - March, 2016 

"It has been a pleasure being in this property, and we are very grateful for the support received from Chattings." X Painous, Tenant - March, 2016

"I just want to say thank you so much for being so efficient and supporting us with the move." M Ashby, Tenant - March, 2016 

"Good prompt service." N & S Peers, Tenant - March, 2016 

"Excellent, professional service."  J Wright, Tenant - March, 2016

"I'd like to thank you for all that you've done for me Natasha, very kind of you!" V Nica, Applicant - March, 2016 

"Unfortunately unlike yourself, other estate agents have not been as prompt or as responsive with my queries" J Lawn, Applicant - March, 2016 

"Excellent- prompt and helpful" L Percott, Tenant - February, 2016 

"Very smooth process from viewing to key collection. Thank you" K Brough, Tenant - February, 2016 

"Very efficient Service" R Langley, Tenant - February, 2016 

"Very helpful and speedy in getting everything sorted. Thanks :)" R Brooks, Tenant - February, 2016 

"Very helpful" L Jones, Tenant - January, 2016 

"Good, clear" G Byrd, Tenant - January, 2016 

"Very quick turnaround - very impressed" C Catallo, Tenant - January, 2016 

"Thank you and Chattings for all your help. You have been very professional." G Lloyd, Landlord - January, 2016 

"Mary, you are a superstar, thank you very much" W Flood, Landlord - January, 2016 

"Thank you for yours and all the Chattings staff for your ongoing professional service in 2015, I'm sure it will continue in 2016!" V Bassi, Landlord - January, 2016 

"Outstanding service, extremely efficient and friendly staff. Thank you." H Ghazireh, Tenant - December, 2015 

"Very professional service and pleased with staff." D Baker, Tenant - December, 2015

"Very happy with Nikki & Rebecca, very efficient, polite & helpful" L Parker, Tenant - December, 2015

"Very friendly, helpful service :) Thanks! Cheers!" J Compton, Tenant - December, 2015 

"I would like to pass on our thanks to all the staff at Chattings and confirm that we would not hesitate to return should circumstances change in the future" C Leggett, Landlord - December, 2015 

"Very professional.  Nikki was very helpful" T Reed, Tenant - November, 2015 

"Lindsey & Kelly.  Very many thanks for all your help regarding my property - your efficiency and professionalism is much appreciated!" C Nestor, Landlord - November, 2015 

"I really appreciate all you have done for me the past two years and I will strongly recommend you to family and friends.  Thanks again" S Spiers, Tenant - November, 2015

"Lindsey has been truly helpful explaining in great detail all about the legal terms when it comes to renting as this is all new to us." M Bailes, Tenant - November, 2015 

"Perfect!" A Sheldrake, Tenant - November, 2015 

"The service has been excellent with Kelly in particular being a great help and a real asset to the Chattings team!"  R Chakasov, Tenant - November 2015 

"Excellent, polite service and pleasant experience" R Watson,  Tenant - November, 2015

"Nicola was an absolute joy, her knowledge about the property was first class, well done" D Salisbury-Higgs, Tenant - November, 2015 

"I would also like to thank you for being such a great lettings agent and further assisting with my reference regarding my potential property." D Clarke, Tenant - November, 2015

"Thank you for the help you guys have provided me over the last year...I have no problem with Chattings and was very happy with the customer service provided by you guys" E Johnson, Tenant - October, 2015 

"Very good!!!" J Keight, Tenant - October, 2015 

"Can I take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the most efficient and professional service that you provided in the letting of my property" S Fawcett, Landlord - October, 2015

"Impressed with how friendly and informative the staff are" B Pardoe, Tenant - July, 2015 

"Very friendly and helpful.  Quick in answering queries"  C Prowtling, Tenant - June, 2015

"Very efficient and friendly" M Horton, Tenant - June, 2015 

"Fabulous!  Very proactive" K Temple, Tenant - June, 2015 

"Thank you for all your help and guidance.  Thank your staff too as the property has been a pleasure to stay in and I shall miss living there." D Farmer, Tenant - June, 2015 

"Thanks for all your support.  We're so glad we're managed.  We could not have done this without you all x" Mrs Derry, Landlord - June, 2015

"Kind, friendly staff.  Got all of our details and the application was processed quickly" F Flanagan, Tenant - June, 2015 

"Very friendly and helpful.  Answered all queries quickly and helpfully" T Merton, Tenant - June, 2015 

"Mary you are fantastic and a true credit to the company" S Draper, Landlord - June, 2015

"Chattings answered all my questions promptly" R Cookson, Tenant - June, 2015 

"Friendly service" A Bayliss, Tenant - June, 2015 

"Definitely very proactive. Helpful, answering lots of questions." A Black, Tenant - June, 2015 

"The Chattings Team have presented with a very professional, friendly approach and have answered all questions and queries promptly.  They have all made us feel valued customers" W & J Styche, Tenants - June, 2015 

"The flat is in excellent condition.  Thanks to Michelle who was prompt and professional" S Stockhall, Landlord - June, 2015 

"Friendly and efficient staff, also very helpful." K Crouch, Tenant - June, 2015 

"Patient, understanding, helpful" C Taylor, Tenant - June, 2015 

"Always ring/email straight back- kept me fully informed. Very helpful. Thank you." K Jones, Tenant - June, 2015 

"Friendly, helpful crew in the office" E Swietoslawski, Tenant - June, 2015

"Very helpful" R Cole, Tenant - May, 2015 

"We would take the opportunity to thank the staff at Chattings for the professional and friendly manner we have enjoyed." N Orton, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Friendly, kept us informed, and fast" J Jones, Tenant - May, 2015

"Provide regular updates of progress on lettings. Arrange a lot of viewings of a property and provide advice." R Quance, Landlord - May, 2015 

"Very helpful. Always on the other end of the phone to answer my questions." B Court, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Friendly and approachable. Have made our move easy." K Bayliss, Tenant - May, 201

"I like that you are lettings only- quick and efficient." S Sollis, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Superb Service, friendly and very efficient. Well done, much better than others we used in Lichfield." G Jenkins, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Quick service. Answered all questions." J Bassett, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Having used you for so many years and having had such a good service I am happy to ask you to carry on as usual."  M Davies, Landlord - May, 2015 

"We would like to thank our landlords and the staff at Chattings for what was a very pleasurable 11 months.  We thoroughly enjoyed living at this property.  It felt like home" A Hughes, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Very professional" M Swaffar, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Friendly, professional staff." F Orton, Tenant - May, 2015. 

"Very polite and helpful. Always returns calls promptly. Made our dog welcome in the office." D Westwood, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Kelly was very helpful every time I phoned." C Taggart, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Friendly and happy to push with details when in a hurry to move." R Wood, Tenant - May, 2015 

"All the team have been extremely helpful and friendly, especially Lindsey and Rebecca. They have been flexible and answered all of my daft questions!" J Clarke, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Good customer service skills and polite staff. Quick and easy application." J Wilkinson, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Everything resolved and sorted quickly. Landlord and staff friendly and helpful." R Guidon, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Very fast feedback, professional and helpful.  Really appreciate they helped with our dog Milu" X  Painous - Tenant, May, 2015

"Good service.  Responsive. Proactive, Proficient & Professional!" A Platts - Landlord, May, 2015 

"Very efficient with viewings of house, always helpful on the phone and if we have had any problems" L Hynes, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Chattings are quick and easy.  They know what they are doing" S Evanson, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Very helpful in comparison to other agents in Lichfield.  Chattings were the only agent to put any effort in" R Pointon, Tenant - May, 2015 

"We thank you for all your help,support and hard work over the years" B Duffin, Landlord - May, 2015 

"Am grateful for your efficiency as usual" S Farrow, Landlord - May, 2015 

"Process explained well.  Friendly team" C Reynolds, Tenant - May, 2015 

"They were very helpful and went out of their way to help us (Natasha). Kind and caring." H Cademy, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Friendly and efficient, made the process very easy" A Wiggans, Tenant - May, 2015 

"You are always very organised at Chattings.  As always thank you for the super efficient service!" W Garmston, Landlord - May, 2015

"They have been very helpful and proactive in helping us find a new home and in organising details and dates for moving. They have been open and honest with any problems." V Barrett, Tenant - May, 2015

"Staff were easy to communicate with and helpful. Everyone is always polite and professional." K Braxton-Poole, Tenant - May, 2015 

"Everyone was helpful and friendly" L McGeecham, Tenant - April, 2015 

"I really appreciate your prompt action.  Once again Chattings come top!" G Mawlam, Landlord - April, 2015

"Easy to set up" M Owen, Tenant - April, 2015 

"Helpful and friendly" J Rought, Tenant - April, 2015 

"Friendly staff." S Smith, Tenant - April, 2015 

"I was really happy with the way I was dealt with." J Singh, Tenant - April, 2015

"Process was quick and easy." W Maher, Tenant - April, 2015 

"Nicola was very helpful throughout the letting experience." N Potter, Tenant - April, 2015 

"Very helpful and professional team" A Geoghan, Tenant - April, 2015 

"Thank you for your kind words and to all Chattings staff for making our move much easier." M Harmsworth, Tenant - April, 2015

"All girls in office very nice, very satisfied :)  Very quick sorting all information & helpful" M Harnsworth, Tenant - April, 2015 

"Very eager to help.  Great information on local area.  Very friendly" R Perera, Tenant - April, 2015 

"I will certainly recommend Chattings to anyone who i meet that is looking for property" M Heemsbergen, Tenant - April, 2015

"Tres bon Service! Felicitations! Very professional!" J Delplace, Tenant - April, 2015 

"The whole process has been extremely easy and pleasurable and I would not hesitate to recommend your company to family & friends" P Wooding, Tenant - April, 2015 

"Extremely helpful, Lindsey fantastic but team as a whole have been great.  Would certainly recommend." J Grundy, Tenant - April, 2015 

"Very organised and friendly service" J Evetts, Tenant - April, 2015 

"Friendly staff" E Johns, Tenant - April, 2015 

"Good communication" B Darius, Tenant - April, 2015

"I've had the smoothest completion I've ever experienced" I Ausla, Tenant - March, 2015 

"Fast processes and all staff were helpful" C Layton, Tenant - March, 2015 

"Very helpful and quick response on any queries" C Chambers, Tenant - March, 2015 

"A very friendly and efficient service from all Chattings staff" J Heritage, Tenant - March, 2015 

"Very helpful and friendly staff who went the extra mile to help me with finding/securing a property" J Gillyon, Tenant - March, 2015 

"We wish to thank you for all your services and if in the future we wish to rent our property again we will come back to you" B Cunningham, Landlord - March, 2015

"I have been totally satisfied with you for the management of my house and would recommend you again" S Farrow, Landlord, March, 2015

"Very efficient. Staff were very helpful. Lovely people" M Thacker, Tenant - March, 2015 

"Perfect" S Tombs, Tenant - March, 2015 

"The application process was straight forward and the team were very helpful and friendly with everything. I needed a property quickly and there weren't any problems. I would recommend Chattings to other people." J Bytheway, Tenant - March, 2015 

"Very proficient and professional service." R Yardley, Tenant - March, 2015 

"Everything was explained clearly and the process was quite fast" J Evans, Tenant - March, 2015 

"Very good response times, friendly and helpful." J Taylor, Tenant - March, 2015

"I found this was a friendly, professional and attentive company. A very pleasant experience especially compared with my previous letting agent." K Brennan, Tenant - March, 2015 

"Really friendly and informative staff" A Tidmarsh, Tenant - March, 2015 

"Very quick,very helpful, very polite" S Andriotis, Tenant - March, 2015 

"Very professional and polite. Would recommend to Friends." D Harze, Tenant - March, 2015

"Very friendly and welcoming. Perfect for first time tenants." S Alexander, Tenant - March, 2015 

"Customer service was brill!" J O'Neill, Tenant - March, 2015 

"Everyone I've dealt with has been extremely friendly and helpful, and have made the experience very easy and comfortable." M Lunn, Tenant - March, 2015 

"Very helpful with any problems we have had. Very quick to respond to any problems" S Coles, Tenant - March, 2015 

"Tracy, thank you very much for sorting it out for me. You are, as always, a star! W Garmston, Landlord - February, 2015

"We like Chattings (particularly Tracy as you are understanding, professional and sort things out) so it is sad to go." O Hayes, Tenant - February, 2015

"Generated a lot of interest in the property very quickly" B Thompson, Landlord - February, 2015 

"Chattings have been very helpful and organised with our letting. We are very happy with our experience with Chattings and would definitely recommend them" L Mangra, Tenant - February, 2015

"Kept us informed of the progress with renting the property" H Hughes, Tenant - February, 2015 

"Friendly, helpful and professional. Informative" M L Farrow, Tenant - February, 2015 

"The best estate agent I have used- simple, friendly and available! Pleasantly surprised- usually it's a nightmare! Thank you!" S Poulter, Tenant - February, 2015  

"Good customer service. Quick referencing and service allowed us to meet a tight deadline" J Russell, Tenant - February, 2015 

"Really good service. Helpful" N Ward-Turner - February, 2015 

"Very helpful, great service, friendly staff, would definitely recommend. Thank you" H Kitchen, Tenant - February, 2015 

"We are hugely impressed with the service we have received. Everything has been quick and smooth" C Mcaree, Tenant - February, 2015 

"Knowledgeable staff- had answers to our queries and worked to our requirements" K Appleby, Landlord - February, 2015 

"The service and commitment my mother received from all staff has been outstanding. Thank you very much" P Stitt, Tenant - February, 2015 

"I was really impressed with the friendly, helpful attitude of all the team. Alison and Luke were fantastic and ensured I had a tenant within a week! Really efficient service, I'd recommend every time!" A Knight, Landlord - February, 2015

"Very efficient and helpful" P Stockbridge, Tenant - February, 2015 

"Quick completion. Helpful when I had any questions. Friendly staff!" J Wilson, Tenant - February, 2015 

"Christina was very helpful and kept us informed to all the viewings. All the staff in the Sutton Coldfield office were great" M Parker, Landlord - February, 2015

"All round very good" R Ashe, Tenant - February, 2015 

"Thank-you for helping us move into our first home together, it has been a wonderful experience." A Hewitt, Tenant - February, 2015

"Happy with the process" J Starkey, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Easy and friendly" C Gulliver, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Very professional" P Wallace, Tenant - January, 2015 

"First property viewing- arranged same day as our telephone call. Kept us up to date with accessibility of said property. Very friendly, courteous staff, Lindsey, Alison and Luke" E Lancashire, Tenant -  January, 2015

"Both Luke and Stephanie were incredibly professional and accommodating during the viewings. The office have been really helpful throughout. Special thanks to Luke for recommending the property to me" M Hyde, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Original viewing with Luke- very helpful and replied promptly with requested follow-up information. All staff on the phone/in branch have been helpful" S Brogan, Tenant - January, 2015

"Friendly and very helpful service- thank you" W Martin, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Helpful and informative" E Lewis, Tenant - January, 2015 

"We have found Chattings to be extremely helpful, efficient and approachable. They have made the whole process very easy and stress free!" N Munday, Tenant - January, 2015 

"All staff were very friendly and were always on hand to help with any queries no matter how trivial. Keep up the great customer service" R Pender, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Very efficient and thorough. Kept us informed every step of the way. Very professional" A Walton, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Good service and prompt replies" A Sayers, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Always been pleased with service given" B Chatha, Landlord - January, 2015 

"Very polite, friendly staff, helpful. Answered any question raised, good communication" D Fincham, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Good service" M Lendon, Tenant - January, 2015

"Very good" C Rowlands, Tenant - January, 2015 

"All very good" N Iliffe, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Very helpful and professional" S Donnelly, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Friendly, welcoming and assertive staff" A Palmer, Tenant - January, 2015

"The service I received was very warm and welcoming. They were very polite and explained everything" N King, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Very good, very professional, helpful, always returned calls" R Grocutt, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Alison and staff have been very good" P Wooding, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Professional service with friendly helpful staff" N Gulliver, Landlord - January, 2015 

"Excellent communication with staff at the office.  Chattings have always arranged excellent tenants and never had any breaks in the tenancy throughout 11 years" C Higgins, Landlord - January, 2015

"I found the whole process really straightforward and easy.  I felt Chattings did all the hardwork and made a stressful time a lot easier.  All the staff I dealt with were friendly and knowledgeable.  Thank you"  J Taylor, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Very impressed with service and speed at which you deal with letting the property each time - would definitely recommend" A Thompson, Landlord - January, 2015 

"Efficient, informative and helpful staff" K Graham, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Got back in touch straight away.  No complaints!" Z Foster, Tenant - January, 2015 

"You have been a great help throughout the 2 years we lived here.  Thank you" M Bickley, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Impressed with how helpful and friendly the staff are with trying to find a place with a customer's maximum budget! S King, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Staff at Chattings were very helpful with resolving our queries.  Very informative with all aspects of contracts!" T Cotterill, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Very helpful, explained all I needed to know clearly" A Foster, Tenant - January, 2015 

"Quick service, friendly staff" S Burke, Tenant - December, 2014

"Everything went through really quick and I was informed about everything.  Very helpful" L Godwood, Tenant - December, 2014 

"Very efficient and helpful" W Wilkes, Landlord - December, 2014 

"Was shown not only the properties but the area generally and the service was prompt and extremely efficient yet courteous and helpful" S Best, Tenant - December, 2014 

"Dealt mostly with Steph.  Really helpful and sorted everything out quickly and efficiently.  Really pleased with service" N Jallen, Tenant - December, 2014 

"It was very good, very professional.  Nice to deal with people who know what they're doing and inspires confidence" Mr & Mrs Davidson, Tenant - December, 2014 

"I liked that all members of the team kept us fully updated at all times and anything that cropped up they simply picked up the phone.  Everyone was lovely to deal with!" L Gaffan, Tenant - December, 2014 

"Excellent communication via phone & email" M Warren, Landlord - December, 2014 

"Helpful, friendly with a good choice of property" N Stettner, Tenant - December, 2014 

"Pleasant experience" P Davis, Tenant - December, 2014 

"Very proactive - able to see properties straight away, able to see/speak to people at branch easily, very friendly and knowledgeable, easy to read contract, good time to read it and explained things clearly.  A lovely branch with lovely people - so friendly!" Mrs Sullivan, Tenant - December, 2014

"Excellent service, very pleased so far" T Hodgkiss, Tenant - December, 2014 

"Very friendly and keen to help even on issues outside of their remit.  Very impressed generally" L O'Mahony, Tenant - December, 2014 

"Friendly, reliable service" C Williams, Landlord - December, 2014 

"Very friendly, explained everything very well" L Kelly, Tenant - December, 2014 

"Best letting agents I have dealt with" S Boden, Tenant - December, 2014 

"Very good service & communication" Tenant - December, 2014 

"My emails were replied to very quickly and a booking put in place.  All my questions were answered and Luke went out of his way to contact the landlord for us" A Lee, Tenant - December, 2014 

"Very organised and helpful" A Clarke, Tenant - December, 2014 

"Helpful, friendly, kept me updated from day 1 of enquiring with Chattings.  Will use in the future and recommend to friends" S Muller, Tenant - November, 2014 

"I have dealt with agents for many years, but I can honestly say Chattings have been the most efficient.  Stephanie has been a great help" C Price, Tenant - November, 2014

"Very happy with the service and was very helpful and patient.  Thank you for all your help" J O'Rouke, Tenant - November, 2014

"Prompt service.  Pleasant staff.  Competitive prices.  Good tenants found in past" Landlord - November, 2014 

"Prompt negotiations, smooth process, very helpful" D Bennett, Tenant - November, 2014 

"Great staff, friendly and informative" H Southan, Tenant - November, 2014

"Lindsey Smith is so kind and friendly!" K Donghyun, Tenant - November, 2014

"Very supportive and informative" B Read, Tenant - November, 2014 

"The ladies in the office are very knowledgeable about renting and the property in general" S Turner, Tenant - November, 2014

"Very friendly, efficient and provided all information clearly" J Jackson, Tenant - November, 2014 

"Very professional.  Regularly kept informed" N Wadeson, Landlord - November, 2014

"Professional, quick and local" I Harper, Tenant - November, 2014 

"Lovely, friendly and extremely professional service from start to finish" J Lamb, Tenant - November, 2014 

"Good communication in depth knowledge of market" M Collins, Landlord - November, 2014 

"Very friendly and efficient service" K Van Der Linde, Tenant - November, 2014 

"A very quick reliable service.  Very helpful on phone" B Feeney, Tenant - November, 2014 

"Impressed by the politeness and helpfulness.  Quick response to questions and phonecalls" C Thomas - Tenant - November, 2014 

"Efficient & friendly" D Simcox, Tenant - October, 2014 

"Very helpful and friendly staff" D Bench, Tenant - October, 2014  

"Quick and efficient" N Misselke, Landlord - October, 2014

"Impressed with the following up of enquiries, fast response and efficiency" R Collier, Tenant - October, 2014

"Fast, efficient & friendly service" C Robottom, Tenant - October, 2014 

"Very pleased with the speed of letting the rooms" J Davies, Landlord - October, 2014 

"Very professional, friendly and helpful staff.  Very pleased with the process from start to finish" A Thomas, Tenant - October, 2014 

"Good communication" S Sheldon, Tenant - October, 2014 

"Very efficient and easy to deal with" J Pimm, Tenant - October, 2014 

"Very prompt to respond, helpful, organised, very friendly and easy to contact & speak to" S Lavender, Tenant - October, 2014 

"Very professional yet friendly.  No pain" K Withington, Tenant - October, 2014 

"Constant, very good updates - we liked this!  Answered questions thoroughly" S McCutcheon, Tenant - October, 2014 

"Chattings were very good and explained everything" S Powell, Tenant - October, 2014 

"Efficient, helpful, every aspect explained fully and friendly" J Evans, Tenant - October, 2014 

"Only 3 days taken from initial application to final signing" P Burel, Tenant - October, 2014

"Personal service" F Ellis, Landlord - October, 2014 

"I was impressed with the efficiency.  Everything was clearly explained from the beginning.  Friendly and helpful staff" M del Carmen Lirio Diaz, Tenant - October, 2014 

"Good customer service & helpful" L McDonald, Tenant - October, 2014 

"Very fast referencing" J Santiago, Tenant - October, 2014

"Very friendly, very helpful, quick & efficient" A Taylor, Tenant - October, 2014

"Excellent service, particular attention to detail" M Washbrook, Tenant - October, 2014

"Everyone that I've dealt with has been friendly and professional" N Perrysmith, Landlord - October, 2014

"Steph & Lindsey have both been extremely friendly and helpful.  They took their time to answer my questions.  Fantastic Service :)" K Burbage, Tenant - October, 2014

"Impressed with professionalism" G Murphy, Tenant - October, 2014

"Friendly service" R Lowbridge, Tenant - October, 2014

"Professional, excellent telephone manner and very efficient.  I have been extremely happy with the service and communication and very impressed with the turnaround,  Thank you" G Heald, Landlord - September 2014

"Very professional, great service.  Thanks" B Harris, Tenant - September, 2014

"Very helpful staff, smooth and easy process" K Larkin, Tenant - September, 2014

"Very efficient and well organised" J Collins, Landlord - September, 2014

"Always a reliable friendly service, have been involved with the Lichfield team for eight happy productive years.  Long may it continue" S Huntley, Landlord - September, 2014

"Staff help and are very polite and friendly.  Great service given.  We just called in and we're glad we did" M Twomy, Tenant - September, 2014

"Professional, prompt service from Laura" J Churchley, Tenant - September, 2014

"Excellent, always kept us well informed" J Bayliss, Tenant - September, 2014
"I am really pleased with your services and your quick responses."
P Barker, Landlord - September, 2014

"Problem free!" R Lee, Tenant - September, 2014

"Very good, always helpful!"P Harris, Tenant - September, 2014

"Very good, friendly service"
S Lawrence, Tenant - September, 2014

"Just whilst I am emailing, I wanted to give you some feedback to say what a great team you have in the Sutton office. We have been using chattings to find tenants now for 3 years.

The Sutton team are always incredibly helpful and to date have always come up trumps in finding us very decent, reliable and pleasant people as potential tenants. We have been very pleased with the service provided." A Stearn, Landlord - September, 2014

"Both Sam & Kelly were extremely helpful and I would strongly recommend them to other" K Durber, Tenant - September, 2014

"Have found you all very friendly and efficient.  Thank you" S Patel, Tenant - September, 2014

"The speed in which Chattings came out and arranged viewings was impressive!  Always kept me in the loop" A Goodsir, Landlord - September, 2014

"Professional, friendly and personal outlook.  Very organised & process orientated.  Timely financial accounts & payment" C Gordon, Landlord - September, 2014

"Very professional and courteous.  Good service" M Job, Landlord - September, 2014

"Very helpful, excellent service!  Would always come back if need arises!"  W Nearly, Landlord - September, 2014

"Impressed with the friendliness of all the staff,  I was made to feel at ease" P Smith, Tenant - September, 2014

"Impressed with the array of properties and fair fees" S Hutchby, Tenant - September, 2014 A Johnson, Tenant - September, 2014

"Always available for extra viewings and very responsive when questions arose" A Woodhouse, Tenant - September, 2014

"Very well organised.  Really helpful and supportive.  Seem to have excellent relationships with landlords.  Thank you" P Freeman, Tenant - September, 2014

"Property viewing and selection of properties was impressive.  Very friendly staff" R Hewkin, Tenant - September, 2014

"The performance of staff both in the office and on visits impressed me"  T Wright, Tenant - September, 2014

"Chattings have been excellent - in particular Louise and Lindsey.  Friendly, efficient and professional - thank you"  W Chase, Tenant - September, 2014

"Once I had contacted the agency the staff were very proactive in helping me to find a suitable property"  S Manners, Tenant - September, 2014

"Always helpful in booking viewings at convenient times and promptly with all 3 properties I viewed and understanding when I turned up late for one!  Prompt service for application"  C Horton, Tenant - September, 2014

"Very organised, kept me informed throughout.  Pleasure dealing with Chattings.  Thank you" H Sanders, Tenant - September, 2014

"We asked SO many questions as first time renters.  We received a lot of patience & positivity and we really appreciated that.  No negative feelings at all - thanks!" D Halliwell, Tenant - September, 2014

"Experience from start to finish was excellent.  When rang to query certain things Chattings rang me back with answers within a couple of hours.  Excellent service!" D Breakwell, Tenant - September, 2014

"The professionalism impressed me!" T Sullivan & G Smith, Tenants - September, 2014

"You ladies have been great throughout.  Keep up the good work, just a shame I have to move on so soon." BR Steve, Tenant - August, 2014

"Excellent!  Friendly, prompt and professional!" Q Viljoen, Tenant - August, 2014

"The staff were very nice and helpful in helping me find a room that is appropriate for me" Y Ncube, Tenant - August, 2014

"I was impressed at how quickly it has taken me to be moving in to the property I am moving in to" M Whitehosue, Tenant - August, 2014

"Very efficient and friendly team" M Pyne, Landlord - July, 2014

"Fantastic service always" S Giles, Landlord - July, 2014

"Excellent service" A Smith, Landlord - July, 2014

"Prompt completion making a difficult time a little less harrowing" S Davis, Tenant - July, 2014

"A difficult procedure made very simple and painless" C Hume, Tenants - July, 2014

"Prompt, friendly, efficient" J Brown & D Lee, Tenants - July, 2014

"Excellent service and advice" M Tibbits, Landlord - July, 2014

"Staff are very friendly and helpful"  S Hemming, Tenant - July, 2014

"Friendly, welcoming staff" K Wong, Tenant - July, 2014

"Very satisfied with Chattings.  Friendly staff"M Lowe, Tenant - July, 2014

"Thank you for turning this around so quickly.  Good job and much appreciated." A Ward, Landlord - July, 2014

"May I take this opportunity to thank Chattings in particular both Tracy and Karen for all you have done to resolve this issue with the tenant. It surely is worth having a managed let." M Patel, Landlord - July, 2014

"You have been very quick sorting it all out for me :)" T Rea, Tenant - July, 2014

"The service provided has been very quick and efficient" H Warren, Tenant - July, 2014

"Very polite, reassuring and helpful" J Baker & J Jones, Tenant - July, 2014

"We would like to thank you for your help over the past few years" D Harvey, Landlord - July, 2014

"I call in to the Sutton branch after hours.  Sam was very helpful and stayed behind.  I have moved in to a great apartment and Sam was always proactive." J Taylor, Tenant - July, 2014

"Courteous staff.  A great and very efficient service" L Hayes, Landlord - July, 2014

"Very helpful, friendly and informative every step of the way" P Harrington, Tenant - July, 2014

"Every time I've called Chattings you have got back to me soon and the communication has been brilliant" L Grainger, Tenant - July, 2014

"Very good service, friendly staff and very helpful" O Blackman, Tenant - July, 2014

"Convient times, helpful & friendly" S Gamble, Tenant - July, 2014

"A very pleasant experience" L Thomas, Tenant - June, 2014

"Professional viewings" J Cooper, Tenant - June, 2014

"If ever we consider moving in to the Lichfield area again we will definitely do so through Chattings as your service and assistance has been second to none. Again thank you for the wonderful service you have provided these past 14 months that we have been resident at the property and we wish you all the best with the next tenants that you find." A Smith, Tenant - June, 2014

"Very good service.  Chattings found me a house to rent within 2 days of registering." D Barber, Tenant - June, 2014

"Excellent service - in my opinion there is no need for improvement" A Karpinska Portela, Tenant - June, 2014

"Friendly clear service with lovely staff" S Greenfield, Tenant - June, 2014

"Friendly staff, easy to deal with.  Overall easy, great experience" A Holmes, Tenant - June, 2014

"Friendly staff, willing to help.  Very cool!" V Flint, Tenant - June, 2014

"Kelly was excellent.  Our overall experience with Chattings has been very good" B Parry, Tenant - June, 2014

"Very helpful and prompt when answering queries" S Hathaway-Lees, Tenant - June, 2014

"Excellent service" S Owen, Tenant - June, 2014

"Friendly, delightful staff" D McKendry, Tenant - June, 2014

"Excellent personal service every time I have used Chattings" D Alexander, Landlord - June, 2014

"The staff are very useful and told us what we need to know" J Corbett, Tenant - June, 2014

"Well done to you and your team! Worth every penny" J Brant, Landlord - May, 2014

"First class customer service.  We have had a positive and hassle free experience from start to finish.  Would definitely recommend" C Lees & Stuart Forrest, Tenant - May, 2014

"Speedy professional service, with a personal touch. Friendly and helpful staff, who take time to go through everything with you." J Williams, Landlord - May, 2014

"The service offered has been friendly and efficient throughout.  Contact has been made continually and reassurance offered at all times.  Lindsey has been particularly helpful" P Adams, Tenant - May, 2014

"Chattings have been a great help, don't change anything" C Palmer, Tenant - May, 2014

"Friendly and helpful" C Wagstaff, Tenant - May, 2014

"Very friendly and efficient.  No complaints :)" E Willis, Tenant - May, 2014

"Very professional, always providing good feedback" D Humphreys, Landlord - May, 2014


"Chattings are most efficient" P Bibby, Tenant - May, 2014

"Very satisfied with Chattings, you organised a quick viewing and all went smoothly!" N Jay & D Weatherall, Tenants - May, 2014

"Great service once again from all at chattings!" T Cliff, Landlord - May, 2014

"Chattings could not improve the service they provide.  The staff have been very helpful from start to finish" E Pearce, Tenant - May, 2014

"Thank you for your prompt reply, and all the effort you have made to find a tenant." J Williams, Landlord - May, 2014

"The staff are all very friendly and extremely helpful.  They helped me in choosing the right property within my budget" S Bliss, Landlord - May, 2014

"Very professional!" S Halley, Tenant - May, 2014

"Staff are very genuine people who took time to explain everything, listened to my requirements and quickly addressed my concerns.  The properties they showed me demonstrated they are good calibre.  Am confident with your landlord service too."  P Tindale, Landlord & Tenant - May, 2014

"Very professional, helpful and property let quickly" O'Donnell, Landlord - May, 2014

"Chattings are very proficient!" W Wilkes, Landlord - May, 2014

"Chattings are friendly, professional and arrived on time for viewings.  Good service in the office on the 2 occasions we visited" S Arrowsmith, Tenant - May, 2014

"Every time we use Chattings we always get great service and we pick up where we left off the last time.  Excellent stuff" C Thomas, Landlord - May, 2014

"Very fast, efficient service - Thanks" H Stourmann, Landlord - May, 2014

"Very professional staff, extremely helpful" K Shepherd, Tenant - May, 2014

"I'm really very grateful to you for all your hard work - I always know I can rely on you!  As ever, thanks Karen." J Clark, Landlord - May, 2014

"We were so very grateful that our request to rent in a particular area was listened to and acted on very promptly i.e I had a text message to let me know that a property had come available in that area" M Arnfield, Tenant - May 2014

"I very much appreciate all of your help. Both Lindsey and Tracy have been fantastic.  It's very difficult when you don't live near your rental property but I am so impressed by your service. I know that you deal with things so efficiently and I am very grateful." J North, Landlord - May, 2014

"Chattings are well organised, friendly and got everything done efficiently" L Brown, Tenant - May, 2014

"Chattings were fast and professional, no dramas and made everything easy" J Tabberer, Tenant - May, 2014

"Chattings were very helpful.  They informed us on all proceedings so we understood easily as we are renting our first home"A Simpson-Hass, Tenant - May, 2014

"Lovely, friendly service.  Very efficient also.  Many thanks for helping our move go so smoothly" G Hale, Tenant - May, 2014

"Just a quick email to say thank you for all your help whilst we were renting with you, you have been great!!" B Johnson, Tenant - May, 2014

"Chattings are very professional & helpful" N Wadeson, Landlord - April, 2014


"We were impressed by how quickly Chattings got back in touch regarding a viewing and processed the application for us" S Clemson, Tenant - April, 2014


"Helpful and approachable friendly staff making the process simple & stress free" C Cross, Tenant - April, 2014

"Chattings have been very motivated and responsive in their marketing of my property.  They kept me well informed with prospective tenants opinions and provided sound advice to enable me to better meet the need of their targeted tenants.  I will continue to use Chattings given their professionalism and friendly attention." D Henry, Landlord - April, 2014

"Overall dealing with Chattings was a very nice experience.  Worked from start to finish very quick" J Terry, Tenant - April, 2014

"Very efficient & polite" M Heemsbergen, Tenant - April, 2014

"You are friendly, explained everything well & approachable" D Thompson, Tenant - April, 2014

"Chattings have been very helpful in regards to my tenancy and helping with previous issues" K Lynn, Tenant - April, 2014

"Everything impressed me from start to finish which is why I have used Chattings for 10 years and will continue to do so" C Harber, Landlord - April, 2014

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our 3 year stay at this property thanks to the landlady and also to the Team at Chattings especially Amy”. B Francisco, Tenant - April, 2014

“Kelly was very helpful with my move in to this property.  I would recommend Chattings to friends and colleagues and was very satisfied with Chattings overall.”S Lewis, Tenant – April, 2014


"The whole process of moving has been made 100% less stressful thanks to Mark & Lindsey at the Lichfield branch.  Thank you"
C Garner & Stuart Gartshore, Tenants - April, 2014

"Many thanks for all your support over the years you have been fab" T Christman, Landlord - April, 2014


"Just wanted to say an enormous thank you for your help.  It can be a nerve-racking procedure for any Landlord to go through, however I was 100% comforted by your expertise and updates. Thank you for baring through all those questions!" G Vaz, Landlord - April, 2014

"All the girls were great and very helpful.  Thank you for all your help" M Hill, Tenant - April, 2014

"I would recommend Chattings to friends and colleagues and was impressed with Kelly's attitude and personality" K Holmes, Tenant - April, 2014

"You are very friendly and professional" A Goodman, Tenant - March, 2014

"We have been very satisfied overall.  Staff are extremely helpful" M & D Walters, Tenants - March, 2014

"Chattings are very helpful, speedy and provide a good service" C McDonald, Tenant - March, 2014

"We were impressed with how quickly viewings were arranged" K McQaide, Tenant - March, 2014

"Chattings took on board my comments and were friendly and accommodating throughout" G Butler, Tenant - March, 2014

“I cannot thank you enough for the work you and your team have put in.  Fantastic, thank you so much Karen.  You and your team have been amazing and I will be recommending you to anyone I know who looks to rent in the future. ” K Hodson, Landlord - March, 2014

"Very helpful service, pleasant staff" L Mott, Tenant - March, 2014

"Good communication from Chattings and kept up to date on a frequent regarding any issues prior to moving" M Anderson, Tenant - March, 2014

"Very satisfied with the speed in which application was processed" R Davis, Tenant - March, 2014

"Chattings were very helpful and easily contactable when discussing the house we were wanting to rent" A Le Page, Tenant - March, 2014

"Chattings are excellent!  A+" D Hughes, Tenant - March, 2014

"Chattings are very helpful, fast response, polite and trustworthy with information" L Macklin, Tenant - March, 2014

"Slick service, very friendly and happy to help.  Thanks for everything!" S Bronstein, Tenant, March, 2014

"Laura was particularly helpful, hand the answers to all of our questions and understand what we were looking for and even recommended the property that we decided to move into.  Really pleased, thank you" J Bromfield, Tenant - March, 2014

"Friendly and helpful staff" S Ellis-Martin, Tenant - March, 2014

"Special mention to Laura - polite, enthusiastic and a pleasure!" M Wheatley, Tenant - March, 2014

"Professional, polite, speedy!" R Beavan, Tenant - March, 2014

"Smooth and easy experience.  Easy to deal with" L Smith, Tenant - March, 2014

"Can I just say a big thanks for the speed at which this change in tenants has been dealt with.  A big thank you to you and your team Alison." P Tomkinson - Landlord - March, 2014

"Great communication & friendly staff.  Professional, easy - great!" A Brydon, Tenant - March, 2014

"I telephoned your office late Monday evening asking for details. Both Karen and Louise stayed passed closing in order to get me this information. It was greatly appreciated."J Muggleton, Landlord - February, 2014

"Just like to mention that the girl that showed us round this morning is by far the best agent we've had and we have looked at quite a few places. 10/10 service." D Jackson, Tenant - February, 2014

"Thank you for your continued support. We rent another property and the agent is not a patch on you-really." A Quiney, Landlord - February, 2014

"I am writing to put on record my sincere appreciation of the outstanding service I have received from your company having recently brought new business to you.  Your company was highly recommended to me by a friend who advised me of how pleased they were with Chattings Ltd. Lichfield 

Having asked your company to undertake a managed letting service for me on the 6th January 2014 I was extremely pleased to be advised of a confirmed let agreed  to on the 11th January 2014.     I was very impressed that within one working week you had secured five expressions of interest, securing a tenancy by the 6th day of my initial instruction. 

I happened to be undertaking some work at the property at the time of some viewings and witnessed first hand how your representative undertook viewings with prospective tenants.  I was most impressed at the level of professionalism and integrity displayed by your lettings agent, to the degree that I wanted to recognise and put on record how pleased I am with how you have managed my new business and to convey my thanks to your agent for their professionalism and courtesy.

I am so pleased at the quality of service Chattings have given, that I am now minded to move my entire property portfolio to your company for managed lettings. 

Please pass on my sincere thanks to your staff and thank you for a great service." B Phillips, Landlord - January 2014

"Has anyone ever told you that you are brilliant? No really. We have been enormously impressed by your service and if ever we need the type of services you provide again I would be more than happy to use you....I am very glad we used the management service as the cover has been invaluable.  I think you should open a branch here in North Wales!" R Adams, Landlord - January 2014

"Can I add my thanks for your very sensible advice and efficient service.  Thank you again for ensuring that Mum's future needs will be taken care of thanks to your management of her investment."J Graves, Landlord - January 2014

"Brilliantly handled, couldn't be clearer!  Thanks very much," D Watts, Landlord - January 2014

 "Thank you to you and your team for all your support - been extremely professional.   I have been extremely happy with the services you've provided and for sure will use you again when applicable" C Dymond, Landlord - December, 2013

"Mary over the last 6 years of me living abroad you have been so helpful, informative, reliable and fair. I feel you have gone above and beyond to help with issues that have arisen. You have also been so helpful to my parents who have helped maintain the property, and for that I am extremely grateful."S Draper, Landlord - December, 2013

"Thank you so much, as ever such a comfort to know you are always there to help :-)" - V Bassi, Landlord - December 2013

"I am delighted with the continuing service!" - M Browne, Landlord - December 2013

"We would look to use Chattings again as we have found your service to be excellent." G & B Williams, Landlord - November 2013

“Many thanks to you and your staff for obtaining new lodgers so expeditiously, brilliant service.” R Burt, Landlord - November 2013

"You’ll find Chattings are helpful and efficient. That’s why I’m with them." D Pearce, Landlord - October 2013

"Thank you for your hard work and getting someone in so quickly and smoothly." Mr & Mrs Dhanoa, Landlord - October 2013

"I would like to say what a good experience I have had with both the landlord and Chattings, many thanks" A Jackson, Tenant - October 2013

“We have been impressed with the service you have provided and your professionalism and hope to take another tenancy with you in the future” Mr & Mrs Ball, Tenants - October 2013

"Thank you for your continuing assistance and your very professional service" Veena Bassi, Landlord - September 2013

"Thank you for the information as always you guys have been fantastic in managing the property for me and I will continue to recommend you. Thanks Again" - Pieter, Landlord - September 2013

"Thank you for your excellent service in finding me a tenant so quickly and your professionalism in general. Both Louise and I hope to be using you again in the near future." Alan Harvey, Landlord - September 2013

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chattings for their excellent service as well as thanking the landlord for being so courteous and helpful" Marc Williams, Tenant - September 2013

"May I just say a big recommendation for the continued service I have received from your agency it has been very professional. Special praise for the help Tracy Herald has given me in managing the rental from here in Spain. She deserves a pat on the back from her boss , as I am quite a demanding Landlord, I think. So please do so on behalf of me and your company." Ken Boswell, Landlord - August 2013

"Mary, just a few words from us both to say thank you for all your help and kindness shown to us.  You are truly a very nice person" Mr & Mrs Shuttleworth, Landlord - August 2013

"Thank you and everyone else at Chattings that we’ve dealt with – we couldn’t have asked for a better service." Paul - August 2013

"A massive thank you to all staff for how you have managed my tenancy over the years.  I have been very happy with everything you have done, love the house and the time is now right to buy it." W Johnson, Tenant - August 2013

"We would like to say that both Chattings and the Landlords have been excellent in the managing of the property and sorting out any problems we have had" E Thompson, Tenant - August 2013

“Thanks for all your efforts over the last few years, the family is extremely grateful” Mr & Mrs Carroll, Landlord - August 2013

Further to the below I can confirm that I have been dealing with Sue Craven Jones who has been super and very professional..... resulting in me taking the property.  A really super property and just what I was looking for in terms of quality. ... thank you for notifying me and matching my brief perfectly. J Clare, Tenant - August 2013

‘Thanks for all your help over the last couple of months. It’s great to have such fantastic service.’ Cliff, Landlord

‘Hi Chattings, I just wanted to drop a quick mail to say how pleased I am with your service from beginning to end. The service I have received from all of you has been absolutely first class. I'd had a bad experience with another agent previously, but Chattings proved that there are great agents around and I could not be happier. I recommend Chattings to all of my friends who need an agent and wish your business every success.’ Sally Marjoram, Landlord

‘Many thanks for all your help again, the team have been great and the service levels I’ve received have been excellent!!’Graeme Sutherland, Landlord

‘Good work in letting the apartment so quickly.’ Mr Dave Hunt, Landlord

‘Matt, thanks for your assistance in finding a tenant for us. You always do a great job and Chattings should be really proud of the work & service you provide.’ Daniella, Landlord

‘Once again, I would like to thank you for the prompt service you provided when the property flooded. You and everyone who came to sort out the issues acted very professionally and in a friendly manner and undoubtedly saved the property from further damage.’ Mr David Clissett, Landlord

‘Thank you for all your help and patience. Your team are all fantastic and very helpful!’ Emma Martin, Landlord

"Having unsuccessfully advertised with two other local Estate Agents for several months, your dedicated team at Chattings found a suitable tenant for me within one week.  The whole process run smoothly and trouble free, from initial valuation to the handover of keys to the new tenants.  Communications were excellent at every stage and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services. Can I thank everyone involved at Chattings for their professionalism in the handling of this let and I look forward to working with you again in the future.’ Mr Adrian Steele, Landlord

‘I would like to say a big thank you to all of the staff at Chattings, I have used Chattings Lichfield office to let my large portfolio of properties since they first opened in 2001, I have always found them highly professional in the way in which they deal with me and my tenants I recommend Chattings all of the time to any landlords or tenants looking that I meet.  I can certainly say that my rental portfolio is more profitable since putting it under management with Chattings.  A very big thank you to you all.’Ray Brown, Landlord

‘I recently used the services of your Chattings Lichfield office to find a suitable tenant for my property. After the property being ‘to let’ with another local agent for 5 weeks failing to find a tenant I switched to Chattings who found me 4 tenants wanting the property in a week. I was very impressed with the professional manner of all the staff and the service and speed of service I received was excellent. I will not hesitate in using Chattings again in the future and would definitely recommend their services. Also I would like to mention Alison from the Lichfield office acted in a most professional way and her advice on the letting of my property was invaluable.’ Jonathan Haynes, Landlord

‘We have used you for many years now and have found you a pleasure to deal with right from the outset.  You always turn up for viewings.  Your rates are very competitive.  You always act in a very professional manner.  You are very proactive and informative.  New instructions are responded to immediately. The staffs at your Sutton Coldfield branch and at your Lichfield branch are a credit to your organization. We will be using Chattings for many years to come.’ Stewart Harper, Patricia Harper, Neil Harper, Landlords

’I have some really difficult properties that are actually out of the area but I am amazed time after time how the Sutton team let them for me so quickly every time! The tenants are great quality thanks to Chattings heavy checks and the process runs smoothly and quickly with me getting my rents and deposits within just a few days. The team is great and I have found everyone so easy to work with.’ John Sambrook, Landlord

‘I just wanted to say a big 'thank you' for all your help.  Leanne has been fantastic and I have been singing Chattings praises to everyone I know! Thank you again, I really appreciate everything.’ Sam Ryall, Landlord

‘I would just like to say how much of a pleasure it was to work with your team. Everyone I dealt with in the office was extremely helpful....I have dealt with 4 letting agencies over the past 6 years and Chattings have by far gone above and beyond in ensuring they are the very best at what they do. A big thank you to you and your team for making a difficult time run as smoothly as possible.’ R. Ridgway, Tenant

“May I take the opportunity of thanking you for the professional way you conducted the tenancy over the past few years.’ C Lane, Tenant

‘I would like to take the time to thank you and everyone else at Chattings for helping me find and helping have a place to stay for the next 6 months. All the help provided by Chattings has been greatly appreciated and I thank you.'P Neil, Tenant

‘You are a pleasure to deal with unlike some agencies I have used in the past. Many thanks’ K Webster, Tenant 

‘I have very much settled in the property and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and my landlady for such an enjoyable stay.’ K Robinson, Tenant

‘Kelly made the viewing a pleasure; she was friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I work in a corporate lending side of a large bank, and I am frequently asked for advice on estate agents and who clients should use. I would have no trouble in recommending Chattings on the back of my experience. Aside from Kelly's excellent service I received immediate feedback on my initial enquiry.’ T Clarke, Tenant

‘Fantastic service from you and your team. Much obliged.’ Singh Jugpal, Tenant

‘Thank you for your excellent services during my time here and I will be giving your company my recommendation to other potential tenants.’ R Erume, Tenant

‘I also wanted to thank you for your assistance and help ever since we first got in contact.  You've been far and away the most helpful and pro-active agent I've ever used and you should take a lot of the credit for the fact that we're renting with Chattings.' A Jones, Tenant

'Well done and thanks. You guys are amazing. Why don't you open a branch in Toronto? We could sure use you there.' Peter Levey, Landlord

'Thanks for all you’ve done to date and for chattings’ amazing ability to find us nice tenants!' Amanda, Landlord 

'May I also take the oppertunity of thanking you and your Company for the promptness in securing a new tenant' Mike Brown, Landlord

Thanks for your very prompt response. The way you run your business is a breath of fresh air and a reminder of how businesses USED to run.' Peter Levey, Landlord

'Thank you and especially to Louise for all her customer service' Rosemin, Tenant

'Would like to thank you all at Chattings who have dealt with my tenancy.  All problems I have had have been dealt with promptly and efficiently' P Davies, Tenant

'I have meant to thank you for so long for the great job you did on both flats in jerrard court-it was painless for us and it is very much appreciated. That is what we pay for but your efficiency was outstanding.' Ann Quiney, Landlord

'I would just like to thank you for your time and effort in finding myself a property at such short notice and being a very professional and co-operative agency'. Mandy, Tenant

'In the two years since I’ve held the tenancy, my relationship with Chattings and my landlords has been fantastic and I’d like to thank you for this. Overall, has been a lovely little property to live in and I will be sad to leave it. I’m therefore confident that it will attract interest when made available for re-letting.' N Cook, Tenant

'I would like to thank Chattings for being wonderfully helpful in the 2 years that I have been living at the property.' Rebecca Lee, Tenant

'Thank you so much for your help with this - 110% super service! It is really appreciated.' Jim, Landlord

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